Friday, June 29, 2012

New Stuff June 2012

So here I am again, forgetting to let you know that my HOME page is actually a dummy home page. The posts from the other pages don't automatically show on it. So I'm just going to tell you what I've posted this month, ok?

Firstly, I finished the new chapter of my Alisha/Simon fanfic 'Alisha knew what she had to do', which you can read here. It's getting more and more difficult to come up with good ideas for this one, so if you have any, let me know.

2. I ranted a bit about Sherlock being asexual and that being OK. Sorry about that. I was just pissed about all the Johnlock pics and fics I was seeing. Get a grip, people! Those are things nobody needs to see Sherlock do. Do you obsess about Belle De Jour going to the toilet (and that is something we've seen!) ?

3. TOP 5 Shrock: Molly Hooper - I had a lot of fun compiling that one. Very soon I'll post more amazing shrock music. I'm constantly searching the Internet for those, so bear with me.

4. Last but not least, another chance to read my Sherlock/Irene one-off BDSM madness called 'Until you bed for mercy. Twice'

That was all from me this month. Meet me again here after you've saluted the July 1st sun.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Posts May 13th - 20th

Here is what you might have missed:

Sherlock Holmes in 5 ! Different Formats - all things SH: movies, music, audio books and a special something
The Eating Habits of the Troubled Mind - the first of a series of posts on eating habits, health, eating disorders and body image.
LoLCaTs: Geek/Nerd Edition - a bit of cat fun for the science enthusiasts out there... and not only.

Enjoy! And I will see you next week when I will be talking about Living Without Sex and how Art Can Be Enough.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New (old) Resolutions

I’m obviously rubbish at keeping a blog for a longer amount of time. So, as from today, new rules apply:
  • I will post at least once a week.
  • Posts will not be too short. Anything less than 300 characters can be easily said in a tweet.
  • I will update my Watching and Reading diaries online so that all of you can see how awesome things the Internet can offer.

This week’s Sunday blog is on one of my favourite topics:

Pride and Prejudice (and other foreign stuff)

Bride and Prejudice 
Lizzy Bennet’s Diaries 
Rita Abrams and other musicals

Check out all of that at the Addictions section now!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too tired to write? Not an excuse if your life is that interesting!

I recently received quite a lot of attention thanks to my fanfic series about Misfits. People keep subscribing to it and urging me to write the next chapter. Truth be told, I never really planned for it to be a series. I just thought that the whole story about Future Simon dying was a clever way to make the series more dramatic. But I despise plot that is centered around the genre. Indeed, I believe the plot should define the genre and not the other way around. So I decided to rewrite the story and make it both more optimistic and more promising.

However, the whole story was a bit longer than expected so I split it up into several parts. And suddenly there are all those people that believe it to be a series and demand to see what happens next. So what I’m doing now, is I’m re-watching all the Series 2 episodes, filling in the missing scenes. It all works fine when I can find the strength to begin. Unfortunately, lately I’ve been having too little time for writing. Or, should I say, I’ve been making too little time. I need to set goals for that as well, because they really work for me. Right now I’m writing my first blog post in a month which is disappointing, very much so. My first goal will be to post at least twice a week. Just writing it down now. And since today is Saturday, and this is my first post this week, the second one will undoubtedly be tomorrow.

I had a weird dream last night, or was it this morning. I was a zombie slayer, a rather unhappy one since the outbreak was a recent one and included some of my friends. We were in a large room and the zombies circled around us. Obviously it was enough to receive a scratch to join the other side. Oddly enough, I seemed to have taken control over the situation and there was this police “do not cross” tape which the zombies obeyed. So my work was to keep the healthy people inside and out of the zombies’ reach and at the same time find better weapons to fight them. I soon found giant replicas of two of the knives we use at home. One was a very useful knife for meat and the other one was a knife for tomatoes (not extremely helpful, judging by experience). So there I was, trying to strike the zombies down with the tomato knife without cutting the tape in the process. Next thing I know, I had finally got hold of the ‘real’ meat knife and had taken care of all the zombies when one of the surviving guys approached me. I realised I’d had a crush on him ever since I saw how handy he was with the rolling-pin. But now he’s looking at me with his big sad black eyes and telling me to hold the meat ‘sword’ steady so that he can stab himself in the heart. Turned out he had been bitten and would transform any second now. Next thing I know his eyes were filled with pain. His face was only centimeters away from mine, sword through his heart and all. I bent down to kiss him and… woke up.

That’s what Doctor Who feels like most of the time. Humanity is always saved, but at a cost. The cost is the life of someone other than the lead character. The longer we’ve watched him or her in action, the more probable we’ll weep for them at the end. Sometimes, like in ‘The God Complex’ you just know who will die and who will live. The brave, clever ones who are not on next episode’s imdb list are prone to die a most unfortunate, if convenient death. I sometimes wonder why I am always the lead actress of my dreams. How much fun it would be to have a sexy leading male that actually has a will on his own who tries to solve the mystery and I help him. But dreams are rarely like that.


Just a last thing before I fall asleep after the 3,5 hours in the gym today: started second season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ today – it’s getting even better! I love it so much – what does that say about me?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Best Spam Collection Ever!

Here's the spam I received today (click on the screenshots to enlarge):


If only I change the order a little bit:


So now we have a step-by-step guide on how to score a chick tonight. Who would've thought that spam can be that educational...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't they deserve a little decency too?

A pair of knickers would be fine...